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Artist Statement

My sky paintings are an extension of the joy I feel every time I witness an incredible Arizona sunrise or sunset. Wherever I go, I am always mindful of the sky, searching for an unusual cloud shape or new shade of blue, lavender, red or yellow. I may notice a sliver of light peeking through a group of clouds; I end up pulling my car over to capture the inspiration that may turn out to be a painting.

When I start a sky painting, I’m aware of the feeling I want that scene to convey. However, as the painting progresses, I often add new colors, shadows and vegetation that weren’t part of my original plan. In this way, my paintings reflect the energy of the sky: ever changing. To me, there is nothing on earth as beautiful and powerful as the sky. It is life; it encircles our world, nourishing it with sunshine and rain. And yet, that beauty can often turn deadly, reminding us that we really have no control over our existence. Control is an illusion; nothing in life is a certainty.

Because skies are always changing, I know I will never run out of inspiration. I also realize I will never completely capture the wonder and magic of the sky. This is what keeps me painting. Just when I think I will never see another scene quite so beautiful or breathtaking, all I have to do is walk outside, look up and realize our creator has a paintbox with an extensive, never ending collection of colors.