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Headshot - Nanci McCune_1x15_300

Nanci McCune’s expansive sky paintings with vibrant and whimsical colors mirror the sense of peacefulness that she discovered in herself upon moving to Arizona in 2011. Although she has painted skies for over 40 years, the many variations in Arizona sunsets continue to be an endless source of inspiration for her paintings. Prior to 2011, McCune raised her three children in the Midwest where she studied art at Iowa State University. After she received a BA in Art, her artistic endeavors took a variety of forms away from the canvas, although painting with oils had been her go to form of self expression since she was 14 years old.  From painting large scale skies for the community theater, to being the co-owner of a costume store or a writer for 11 years of her newspaper column, McCune’s Moments, her creative endeavors enriched her as an artist. During this time she also devoted much of her attention to animal rescue efforts, which she continues in Arizona.  After years of healing from a rare autoimmune condition, it is no surprise that in finding her way back to the canvas, the signature of her paintings is a peaceful energy, essential for anyone wishing to heal, whether from a stressful day or larger circumstances. Nothing has been so fulfilling to McCune, as finding her voice again and painting amongst the healing Arizona skies.